Espectáculos en cali
Espectáculos en cali



Business training: The objectives will result in your company’s employees, firstly, acting effectively with the new knowledge, secondly, performing a wide range of meaningful tasks, as well as taking on challenges that resemble real-life situations, and then identifying the competencies learned from each activity.
The circus allows the development of essential skills for all areas of life. In the midst of fun, the workshop potentiates new ways of learning, and communication skills, and fosters support, respect, trust, and self-esteem among group members. The workshop demands an environment of physical and emotional safety, where the need to react to the unexpected and to face challenges with confidence is experienced..



  • Enhancing problem-solving skills 
  • Promoting new ways of proceeding and deciding
  • Empowering basic tools in professional knowledge
  • Centering mind and body in a single focus
  • Encourage continuous learning
  • Developing qualities such as confidence, awareness, focus, and spontaneity
  • Acting effectively with new knowledge
  • Take on challenges that resemble real-life situations.
  • Perform a wide range of meaningful tasks
  • Identify the competencies learned from each activity
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