Espectaculos de circo en cali
Espectaculos de circo en cali



Circus shows in Cali with Circo Herencias: Discover a whole world of possibilities, break the molds, and explore new paths with the spectacular stagings that Circo Herencias offers for all kinds of social events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, commemorations, and of more occasions that you want to immortalize in the memory of your guests.

We prepare the best presentations for all types of parties with our team of professionals to make them unique and unforgettable and to honor what we want, for you and the audience.



We work at your side to ensure the remembrance and success of your events and activations through innovative and impactful proposals, implementing different artistic techniques that create unforgettable experiences of your brand life.


  • Launches
  • Inaugurations
  • Conventions
  • Special celebrations
  • BTL campaigns
  • Product launches
  • Brand activation and brand recall
Espectaculos de circo en cali


Espectaculos de circo en cali


Tango and fire merge in a dance of elegance and strength, the majesty of the flaming torches with the elegant movements of the artists unite in the same passion for the rhythm of a bandoneon, and the flame itself dances with the wind as if trying to imitate the movements of those who carry it. While those who hold it move, turn and jump to the beat of a good tango, the power of fire ignites the veins.

Espectaculos de circo en cali


With the characters of the sweet joy of the circus, they come to burst with fantasy. Wherever they arrive they bring with them a variety of jumps, juggling, balancing acts, and lots of laughter as they pass through like a rainbow of joy they transform serious faces into warm smiles and with great skill, perhaps while they are upside down they will give you a special welcome.

Espectaculos de circo en cali


The magic of the circus is color, joy, elegance, plasticity, risk, spectacularity, light, and beauty; this time Circo Herencias brings its characters crystal all the fantasy we can imagine but with the cleanliness and elegance that gives us the color white. Crystal is perfect to create an atmosphere of elegance and purity delivering unforgettable moments that will remain captured in the memory.

Espectaculos de circo en cali


The sea where life began and where the inspiration for our marine characters comes from, from the waves of the sea to the most special places, jellyfish, colorful fish, shells and corals will amuse everyone by showing their characteristic movements like a tide of joy they will give their best smile.

Espectaculos de circo en cali


When the circus lets its imagination fly its artists become almost any character, this time the ship of imagination has taken us to the African savannahs and Colombian jungles, beautiful characterizations of wild animals that together with the circus skills surprise children and adults creating unforgettable magical moments in those special events.

Espectaculos de circo en cali


Mexico and its wonderful culture envelop us in an unknown world, but so interesting to discover. The lady’s and gentlemen’s skulls envelop you giving a special magical, mysterious but colorful and attractive touch for special occasions. Those bones that wiggle or contort and their wide smiles may not be as cold as death but full of warmth and passion, just what the circus can deliver.

Espectaculos de circo en cali


From the African drums to the mixture of cultures with our beautiful South American continent, the passion for the beats of the earth through the beat of the drum, the batucada lady with its energy is the perfect complement to the circus, that’s why CIRCO HERENCIAS brings the rhythm, the joy, the explosion of sounds and the spectacular acrobatics added to a different way of playing the drum. Circus and music fused in a single heartbeat.

A show that exudes energy, vitality, movement, expression, joy, and all that is needed to make a special event becomes an extraordinary and unforgettable event.

Our customers and partners!


Responsibility and integrity are fundamental qualities to be part of the team at Circo Herencia; the artists and instructors have the purpose of dignifying the circus art in each class and during each show or circus act. For this, we contribute, develop, and transform our dreams, representing life, strength, nature, colors and what we are, the joy and magic of the region.

Imagination is part of the aerial dance classes, acrobatics, and other circus techniques from the essence that makes us fly and transform the life of each individual who sees us and takes circus classes with us because what we do here, comes from the heart of a family composed of friends who are professionals in the circus art with values capable of moving mountains. We work together, not only to be better artists and the best company but also to be better people from the commitment, willingness, responsibility, integrity, trust, quality, and creativity with which we work together with perseverance in the team.

That’s why we are always moving!


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